Sunday, March 11, 2012

STICKAMERS' Christmas Party 2011

Though we are glad seeing each other thru webcams, the HAPPINESS are being double (hmmm... I guess the word double is not enough describing it), It should be tripled... yeah, TRIPLED! 

It Tripled-the-Fun, once you meet them PERSONALLY!

How it happens? I mean how our meeting happens...well, t'was the 6th day after I arrived
Davao City from Baguio City (my first destination upon arrival), when I take my vacation leave from the hard works in Brunei, last year. 

It was December 16, 2011 when I first met them, during the MOR Davao Stickamers' Christmas Party that was held at Builders Grill, Buhangin, Davao City.

Okay, guys. I want you to meet some of my closest friends from the group.

Meet Ellilor from Digos City. I am much more comfortable calling her, "Lilloooo" 
My huggable "Mareng Dava" Daniella Paula of Bunawan,, Davao City.
Faithfully and pretty face, Faithful Aireen
El Presidente, Ankol Geornathan
My loving MamaJOY and tatay TAMZOT
Silingang Wafa slash TagaBatobato, Darleen
sassy NAZZY!
together with Lilloo and bai Crystalmaiden
These are humans not class Aves,only their names are..Berdz & Pikoy   
Astig CHENG from Tagum City
Fire in the HOLE! Pratatatatatttt Firefox slash DJ Pakyas ^^
With the Master... DJ RIKIMOUSE 
(ah, guys... Master of what this MAN gali?)
JadeCute and the gangsters ^^
and the BABYFACE slash NIGHTINGALE of the group
The following night, I meet two members of Stickamers again at BARAKA GRILL and CATERING Baraka Girl/BabyRuth and Berdz. And I'm glad we do. Because that moment while exchanging topics during habhaban and ordering another ( cup ) plate of rice, we've known each other more. And personally I would say, that they are good to be with. And FUNNY! 

with sir Randy, proprietor of BARAKA GRILL
Sir Randy was my classmate in Sta. Ana Nat'l. High  School,
a brother and a friend. 
with BERDZ and Baraka Girl, after the habhab.
"Extra Rice pls"
There's a lot to tell about this group but a single post is not enough to describe the FUN. You should be there to feel the moment of togetherness. They are my friends in the world wide web and for REAL, they will be my friends, FOREVER.

How I really wish to be with the group again.  

May GOD  bless them forever, I pray.

More Christmas party pictures.

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