Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Own Revelation with Lady Batud

Are you an avid listener of Dear MOR with Lady Batud "My Own Revelation"

Are you among the others, who, until now thinking who's the person behind that kaakit-akit voice? 

Then you must continue reading this post for some hint. ^^

For others  to know, Dear MOR with Lady Batud "My Own Revelation" is a final segment of Udto na Show, next to RIKIPEDIA, of 101.1 MOR Davao station.
It tackles about the letter sender's love, marital and/or family problems. Lady Batud will be reading a letter/s of the day and asks listeners any advices regarding the senders' situation. And  then she'll give her sariling kuro-kuro also. 

Here's what I am trying to explain. ^^

Live Recording - 09/05/2011 07:11 via

But the question is:
Who is she? 

Who's the lady behind that alluring voice? 
Some stated that her voice is similar to the 5th president of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and in charge of the company's total business portfolio, Ms.Charo Santos-Concho (Hmm.. let's try listening it once again with eyes closed. ^^)

The funny thing is that some really think Lady Batud is only a talent done by our very own, RIKI MOUSE. Isn't she? (Okay, I'm trying to imagine and putting RIKI MOUSE into Lady Batud's voice)  

Mura'g lain, te.. ^^

There is even a facebook page — LADY BATUD, claiming Riki Mouse and Lady Batud are one.

But Riki Mouse on his part never claimed it. Or did he? ^^

Whoever she is, whatever her status in life, it doesn't matter. As long as she is there always leaning her shoulder for our problems tru her program, Dear MOR with Lady Batud, and making us happy evertime we heard her, "Haloost!", "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!", "Wa man!". Let us give her a privacy she really deserves.

>>If you want to be updated or  wanted to greet somebody online, visit her real facebook page:


Or if you want to join her program, just send your kasinatian sa kinabuhi na naghambin ug suliran  to her email:

"Tandaan ka-Pamilya, hindi man po ako isang lapis na maaring sumulat ng inyong mga kaligayahan, maaari din naman akong maging eraser, upang kahit papaano po'y mabura ko ang inyong kalungkutan" 
—Lady Batud's finale

Last time, a caller requested Lady Batud to revail herself on cam tru, she replied, "Unya nako magpakita te kanang pinaka-last na nako diri sa station. Kana! diha na time, magpakita nako ninyo..."

By then, we still have our hope to know her. ^^

Kung kayo? Sino ba talaga si Lady Batud??? Comment na!!!


  1. Anonymous2.7.12

    magandang makinig sa station nyo lalo na sa oras na mag start ang ala una hanggang alas trezzzzzzz...... magaling ang dj kasi di boring at my sense of humor... di gaya ng iba parang VOWEL ehhhh kasi A,E,I,O,U,,,, in short O.A na...good luck

  2. Anonymous2.9.12

    pano po makapaok sa dear lady batud/

  3. you mean during time slot niya sa MOR?
    type mo lang bandang ala una hanggang 3pm yong time slot niya. ^^

  4. Anonymous2.9.12

    i mean gusto kung mging isa sa mga inbasa nia i maen gusto ko po mag sulat kay lady batud..

  5. mary grace peñas7.9.12

    ako rin po .. gusto ko po mag pa turo kung paano mag email sa kasi , kiutikuti ko na lahat ay , di japun ko kavalo :( help mee.. some instruction lng plsss.. add me on fb po mary grace peñas or pls tnx!

  6. here's how:
    open mo po muna yong email account mo. kung naka yahoomail ka, click mo lang yung compose message. ilalagay mo ngayon yung dun sa empty box ng TO:
    pagkatapos po, under sa subject. ilalagay mo lang dun kung ano gusto mo ipangalan dun sa liham mo.
    doon sa bandang ibaba pa, yong malaking space dun na makikita, dun mo po isusulat yung liham na ipapadala mo.
    once natapos niyo na po. click niyo lang po yung send button. sa bandang itaas.

    ganun lang po.

    sana po nakatulong. ^^

  7. Anonymous9.9.12

    panu po va tlaga mkapasok sa mor
    w\lady batud

  8. Anonymous6.11.12

    hello poe lady batud pano poe

  9. Anonymous6.11.12

    pwede poe vah mag pa on air ng # pag my program ka?

  10. Anonymous25.2.13

    Hello Lady Batud...pakigreet nyo po ako...Bing a mother,wife from Cabantian,avid listener nyo po talaga ako at super naeentertain nyo po ang haopn ko..Like ko po talaga ang sense of humor nyo!di ako nabobore!!!tnx in advance

  11. dabaweña19.3.13

    you can't just say that to the public... kasi nga pati nga celebrities hinahanlungkat ang buhay nila, same as lady batud, because she's gaining avid fans and those fans wanted to see her/him personally. kagaya ko. wag mong ilihis ang issue at alam kong alam mo rin na si lady batud at riki mouse ay iisa.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Halu Lady B. this is noel from callbox and finally I found the link that can I post a comment.

    By the way Lady B. Im the number 1 fan on MOR 101.1 Asese..
    thank you.

  14. Anonymous18.7.13

    pwede pa great.dawal family from panabo lanoglanog ang mor diri karon sa san vicente..thank MORe power.....

  15. Anonymous18.7.13

    hi lady batud,,,,pkigreat q nla vanessa apas at daniel jay kyle arcay,.....og sa family nq sa leyte...mga ARCAY family..hi

  16. Anonymous30.7.13


  17. Anonymous9.10.13

    hi lady batud,,,ganahan kau ko nimo...unsa kayay dagway nimo no?gusto jud ko makakita sa imu...makalingaw kau ka,,,,,,NIDA FROM BUCANA.

  18. Anonymous20.3.14

    lady batud great mo ako araw2 nuber one po kayo sa lungsud ng mahahayahay malita occedental?

  19. Anonymous2.10.14

    it`s super nice program,every emotion shouted out,labi na c sender ky stupid au kblo na mali gogogo au,in short ang kanang cge ug gogogo mga bugo
    madugay matawag nato.