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Welcome to MOR Davao Stickamers Worldwide.
This is our home!

"The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change." Richard Bach once said.
MOR Davao Stickamers Worldwide is a home for all of us, a place to tell one's self. Tell it all here. And let's help building ourselves together, through thick and thin, for friendships and love. And as Joseph Addison says, "I... recommend to every one of my Readers, the keeping a Journal of their Lives for one Week, and setting down punctually their whole Series of Employments during that Space of Time. This kind of Self-Examination would give them a true State of themselves, and incline them to consider seriously what they are about. One Day would rectifie the Omissions of another, and make a Man weigh all those indifferent Actions, which, though they are easily forgotten, must certainly be accounted for."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FREE TEXT & FM Station ba kamo hanap mo?

Did you enjoy our Photo Slider from Home page?  

Here's another page you would love to take part of. The Live Streaming page. It is a two-in-one useful page. Wanna know why? 

1. Listening music from MOR Davao 101.1 and watching your fave DJ's live. Mostly, if you are abroad and misses your kababayan in your hometown, this site will give you a feeling of being there, close to them. And you can greet them online too. Isn't it great? It is handled by www.stickam.com, the MOR Davao 101.1 live streaming is a nice home to stay. 

2. Sending Free Text to Pinas. No load? Need to send important messages to your love ones in the Philippines? Don't worry now. We have that here too. Powered by magTXT.com

You may also join and participate in group discussions via group chat. Just click the "Click Here to Enter Chat" golden orange button. It will then ask you which account you wanted to use when entering the group chat. But if  you want to request your favorite songs to Mr. DJ, I recommend you should sign up a Stickam account first that would take only a minute, because all accounts except the latter, can't send private messages to any online friends but for group chatting only. 

Note: Sometimes, due to low connection the site will sometimes offline, just do refreshing the page and wait till it downloaded again.

THE FREE TEXT for Philippines Instructions:

1. Type your name or number. So your love ones know the message was from you.

2. Enter the recipient number. The first 4 digits are their hand phone carrier. Just click the drop down arrow for the list. The next box is for their remaining phone number.

3. Type your message here box. Limited for 100 characters only.

4. Type this characters. To avoid spams, CaptCha* is required. Therefore copy the four digits by simply typing it on the blank box next to it.

5. Send Message. Just hit the button and your message will be send. 

Note: This app is for sending purposes only. Just advice your recipient to reply on your mobile phone.

*A CAPTCHA is a program that can generate and grade tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

Do you have any questions? Just leave a comment below this post. Thank you.
Enjoy your day!


Hi there. We're very sorry for the late update. Sad to say, Stickam was gone and like domino effect, all station programs being link or using it was also vanished. An awful news, indeed. 

But in the contrary, there's still an option for us to hear our favorite FM station in Davao City. Just visit their FB page, MOR 101.1 Davao and continue supporting the station. For your greetings and request, just visit this link. The difference is that unlike the old stickam we can see our favorite DJs live at the station and can communicate our friends via chatbox. But still be glad! Important thing is, we're able to listen to our favorite radio station.

Have fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wanna Join with Us?

Hi there! How are you today? Hoping you're just fine.
If you are reading this, it means you know already the new skin of our blog. And here's something to cherish.

You may ask, "So, what's new in here?"
Okay, here is one of the few changes this blog featured. Notice our new Home page. I now added a photo slider on it. And it is all about us guys and it is just for us. It will be our gateway to all our Stickamer members. Though it will take me a lot of time to finish still I will promise to include everyone from the group on this slider.
P R O M I S E ! ^^.

What will you do to take part?
Simple. Since we are more than a hundred now. I cannot accommodate all in a speed or in a wink of an eye. Therefore, tag me: Dong Salvar on the Photo Link you leaved at Kung Unsay Mahunahunaan Fan Page or at our Davao Stickamer Group Page. Take note: Do accept or send a friend request for me and allow me to crawl on your photos for awhile. Once your photos are on privacy option I cannot see it. Make sense? I only need 2 photos anyway. ^^

What photos are acceptable?
I am much more grateful if your edited picture was done nicely and with an exact size of 930×300 pixels with 72 resolution. But if you don't have the ability on photo editing, don't worry I will offer extra time for that. Upon sending your photo link/s just include your Stickam Screen Name and your location. Photos with captions are not accepted.

New members?
Don't worry, you are counted to join here. As long as you are from Davao City and a MOR Davao Stickamer and have been mingling with the group on our fave station - MOR Davao 101.1 Achechee! Stickam live streaming. Just follow the guidelines above. 

What's with that Photoslides?
Wanna know your co-members? Just simply click their photo once it appear and it will lead you to their Facebook account. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be one of us now! Achechee!!!

You can leave questions or any suggestions at the comment box below. 

God bless us all!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Go Out and Have Fun Under the Sun!

Hi there! How are you guys doing so far? Any adventurous plans for the coming summer? It's time to hangout with friends under the sun. Hotta! Hotta! as they say. Well, you should be! 

Make it a memorable one

Everyone have different styles in achieving much fun during summer. So, what's your idea so far?
Do the planning ahead of time to make it better than good. Go with your family take a relaxing moment at the beach, playing volleyball in a paradise away from the stressful jobs in the city.
http://www.dankatie.com/andy/pics-apo.phpOr do mountain climbing with the gang. Enjoying the beauty of the nature and watching the sunset or observing the whole scene without a limit and as far as your eyes can see from atop.

How about doing the most daring adventures? Swimming in a sea with the dolphins or in a river with the crocodiles? haha. Lifting a rock that 8 times than your body weight? Whatever you are planning before this summer ends, do it with FUN.

And don't forget bringing your camera with you. capturing all the fun you have and share it to the world!

And hey! speaking of "DARING" and "showing it to the world" thing, You may join this one:

Click me! Click me!

Dare to Play with SunPlay! With SPF 130, how daring can you get this summer? SunPlay launches its Dare to Play with SunPlay Photo Contest. Send up to three of your daring summer photos and get a chance to win a summer supply of SunPlay products.
How to Join
1. Choose one to three photos of your daring activities under the sun!
Email them to sunplayspf130@gmail.com together with the following details 
(Name | Address | Telephone Number | Email)
Subject line should be “Dare to Play with SunPlay Photo Contest

2. Write your caption using the required format: 
(Activity + Place – I dared.)
E.g. Scuba Diving at Davao – I dared!

3. Qualified entries will be posted the next day at www.facebook.com/sunplay130. Share and invite friends to LIKE your entries. 

4. Most liked entry and the selected SunPlay’s Most Daring will each win a SUMMER SUPPLY* OF SUNPLAY PRODUCTS 

*1 SunPlay Super Block SPF 130, 1 SunPlay Watery Cool SPF 65, 1 SunPlay Clear Water SPF 50, 1 SunPlay Powdery White SPF47 

5. Promo period is from March 14 to April 25, 2012. 
Deadline of submission of entries is on April 20, 2012.

6. Winners will be announced on April 30, 2012.

Terms and Conditions
  • The contest is open to all Philippine residents who are 18 years old or older. Only three entries per person. The photo may be a solo or group shot.
  • Images must be set in genuine outdoor activities. Photoshop images as deemed by the contest admin are subject for disqualification.
  • Images must not contain logos, elements or products from competing brands of Sunplay; nor should it contain any frontal nudity, obscene or immodest shots.
  • Names of the winners will be posted on facebook.com/sunplay130 by April 30, 2012.
  • Winners will be notified via email or contact number as provided together with the photo entry.
  • Winners should respond with complete mailing information within 30 days after notification. Failure to respond will mean forfeiture of prizes.
  • Prizes will be sent via courier.
  • All entries submitted will be deemed property of One IMDS Corporation. SunPlay reserves the right to use the submitted photo entries for its advertising or communication activities.
  • Sunplay assumes no copyright liability.
  • All entries may be used and published in whole and in part by One IMDS Corporation.
  • Sunplay reserves the right to reject or disqualify entries that do not comply with contest rules. All decisions of the contest organizers are final and binding.

The SunPlay Difference

SunPlay gives you maximum protection and lets you have 130x more protection under the sun! It has a watery liquid formulation that’s non-greasy, non-sticky and feels as light as water. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a heavy white residue. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores. Great for both face and body!