The MOR Davao Stickamers Officers

 President: Geornathan
V-President: Dong Didong
Secretary: Negadeska
Treasurer: Faithful1209
Auditor: NazzyTumulak
P I O's:

Davao - Firefox26
Digos - Ellilor
Tagum - Shesspecial
Panabo - Sweetrosas

"If together we stand, we might not fall"

Members (random order) based on FB MOR Davao Stickamer Group
(if ever wala sa ibaba ang pangalan niyo, pagpaumanhin niyo po, di ko pa navisit yong ibang group page natin. ^^,. much better po kung magleave kayo ng comment sa baba para naman mas madali kong mahanap kayo. God bless!)

Note: As I've said earlier, these are not the final members, and though some have 2 accounts and some are not in the list, doesn't mean they are not belong to the group. And I cannot memorized all of them, so please do inform me if it happen that I forgotten you. I'm so so sorry, but I promise to update this post as soon as possible. God bless you, my friend ^^. Just PM me on any accounts I am in.