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"The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change." Richard Bach once said.
MOR Davao Stickamers Worldwide is a home for all of us, a place to tell one's self. Tell it all here. And let's help building ourselves together, through thick and thin, for friendships and love. And as Joseph Addison says, "I... recommend to every one of my Readers, the keeping a Journal of their Lives for one Week, and setting down punctually their whole Series of Employments during that Space of Time. This kind of Self-Examination would give them a true State of themselves, and incline them to consider seriously what they are about. One Day would rectifie the Omissions of another, and make a Man weigh all those indifferent Actions, which, though they are easily forgotten, must certainly be accounted for."

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Debt You Owe

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan doth oft lose both itself and friend.”
-William Shakespeare
Question: What is the similarity of a  borrower and a lender? Well, the quote of William Shakespeare above tells us all. 
Debts can make us slaves as this quote says, "When you get in debt you become a slave."-Andrew Jackson 

Lately, this group was having an arguments regarding this "UTANG" thing. Some became pros while others became cons and the others are neutrals as usual. Why? It just because the related body is not just an ordinary member of this group but an idol-type person. And I am aware of this much talked topic in Stickamers group pages because personally I am one of them whom this person that I am about to mention, are being ask for the same thing: "Pwede mangutang?" 
Sino nga ba dito sa atin ang walang utang? It's normal nowadays di ba? Oo nga naman, normal sa buhay may utang. Kaso, normal lang ding magbayad. Advice nga ni Dave Ramsey, “Debt is normal. Be weird.” Dapat na nga siguro nating maging weird para lang makaiwas sa utang. ^^.

Andami ko pa sanang gustong sabihin, pero saka na muna. Let's just enjoy ourselves with these quotes nalang sa ngayon ng mahimasmasan din naman tayo.
“Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.”
-Ogden Nash

“Good times are when people make debts to pay in bad times.”
-Robert Quinlin


“What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?”
-Adam Smith


“It is the debtor that is ruined by hard times.”
-Rutherford B. Hayes


“The man who never has money enough to pay his debts has too much of something else.”
-James Lendall Basford


“Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most.”
-American Proverb


“In God we trust; all others must pay cash.”
-American Proverb


“Promises make debt, and debt makes promises.”
-Dutch Proverb


“A hundred wagon loads of thoughts will not pay a single ounce of debt.”
-Italian Proverb


“Running into debt isn’t so bad. It’s running into creditors that hurts.”


“Rather go to bed supperless, than rise in debt.”
-Benjamin Franklin


“Never spend your money before you have it.”
-Thomas Jefferson
“I say to you never involve yourself in debt, and become no man’s surety.”
-Andrew Jackson


“Buy what thou hast no Need of and ere long thou shalt sell thy Necessaries.”
-Benjamin Franklin


“Today, there are three kinds of people: the have’s, the have-not’s, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have’s.”
-Earl Wilson


“Forgetfulness. A gift of God bestowed upon debtors in compensation for their destitution of conscience.”
-Ambrose Bierce


“Debts are nowadays like children begot with pleasure, but brought forth in pain.”


“Debts and lies are generally mixed together.”
-Francois Rabelais


“Who goeth a borrowing. Goeth a sorrowing.”
-Thomas Tusser


“Do not accustom yourself to consider debt only as an inconvenience; you will find it a calamity.”
-Samuel Johnson


“It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.”


“A habit of debt is very injurious to the memory.”
-Austin O’Malley


“Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of.”
-Henry Wheeler Shaw


“Don't let your mouth write no check that your tail can't cash.”
-Bo Diddley 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Own Revelation with Lady Batud

Are you an avid listener of Dear MOR with Lady Batud "My Own Revelation"

Are you among the others, who, until now thinking who's the person behind that kaakit-akit voice? 

Then you must continue reading this post for some hint. ^^

For others  to know, Dear MOR with Lady Batud "My Own Revelation" is a final segment of Udto na Show, next to RIKIPEDIA, of 101.1 MOR Davao station.
It tackles about the letter sender's love, marital and/or family problems. Lady Batud will be reading a letter/s of the day and asks listeners any advices regarding the senders' situation. And  then she'll give her sariling kuro-kuro also. 

Here's what I am trying to explain. ^^

Live Recording - 09/05/2011 07:11 via www.stickam.com/mordavao

But the question is:
Who is she? 

Who's the lady behind that alluring voice? 
Some stated that her voice is similar to the 5th president of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and in charge of the company's total business portfolio, Ms.Charo Santos-Concho (Hmm.. let's try listening it once again with eyes closed. ^^)

The funny thing is that some really think Lady Batud is only a talent done by our very own, RIKI MOUSE. Isn't she? (Okay, I'm trying to imagine and putting RIKI MOUSE into Lady Batud's voice)  

Mura'g lain, te.. ^^

There is even a facebook page — LADY BATUD, claiming Riki Mouse and Lady Batud are one.

But Riki Mouse on his part never claimed it. Or did he? ^^

Whoever she is, whatever her status in life, it doesn't matter. As long as she is there always leaning her shoulder for our problems tru her program, Dear MOR with Lady Batud, and making us happy evertime we heard her, "Haloost!", "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!", "Wa man!". Let us give her a privacy she really deserves.

>>If you want to be updated or  wanted to greet somebody online, visit her real facebook page:


Or if you want to join her program, just send your kasinatian sa kinabuhi na naghambin ug suliran  to her email:


"Tandaan ka-Pamilya, hindi man po ako isang lapis na maaring sumulat ng inyong mga kaligayahan, maaari din naman akong maging eraser, upang kahit papaano po'y mabura ko ang inyong kalungkutan" 
—Lady Batud's finale

Last time, a caller requested Lady Batud to revail herself on cam tru www.stickam.com/mordavao, she replied, "Unya nako magpakita te kanang pinaka-last na nako diri sa station. Kana! diha na time, magpakita nako ninyo..."

By then, we still have our hope to know her. ^^

Kung kayo? Sino ba talaga si Lady Batud??? Comment na!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A must Post!

Please do leave some comments :) thanks, its me, your kapamilya!

OMG!! WHOA! :O This cover really amazed me. .. a must listen cover and I just cant count how many times i played it, bravooo kapamilya!! I dont have enough information about this cover, and even the band, namely UNBANNED BAND? (yun yung nakita ko sa youtube eh, :P) hahaha, im sorry, i can call this post a RUSH POST, it really inspires me to create this post under, MOR Davao Stickamer Blog.

I assure you wont  feel any regrets when you play this. Eto na, hindi ko na patatagalin pa, staring DJ RikiMouse of MOR DAVAO on vocal, and BERDZ of MOR Stickamer on guitar...

An Acoustic Cover of UNBANNED- Change The World by Eric Clapton

Galing nila diba?? hahaha :D More Cover pa sanaaa. ..


Please do like my page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/iamabby07
and add me as friend https://www.facebook.com/abby907
follow me on twiiter https://twitter.com/#!/Iam_abby07

Abby ;)-MOR Stickamer Gensan


THIS DISC JOCKEY is the most favorite of MOR Davao Stickamers group, not only because of how the way he treated the group on air but for real. A good guy, a multi-talented guy who loves singing, acting, hosting, scriptwriting, swimming, and with sense of humor.

I personally met this guy during our group's Christmas party (I posted earlier). He's really a good guy, with a know-how-factor upon handling others. Though most of the time during that night was partying, eating, drinking, dancing & singing which I'm not getting used to (except the latter), he managed to accomodate everyone.

So, who is he?

He is RONALD ESPERE in real life, born on the 25th day of November, 1978 in Panabo City, Philippines. A product of Dalisay Village Elementary School and Panabo National High School.

After graduating high school, he leaved Panabo City, pursuing his skills in Comic Scriptwriting at DYNACOIL-Dynamic Concept Illustrated Art School at Sto. Niño, Gapan, Nueva Ecija for two years.

But he missed his life in his old town, so he came back and continued pursuing his dreams take another 2 year Computer Programming course at ACES (formerly SMIT) before he proceed taking Bachelor of Arts Major in English at University of Mindanao, Davao City.

His career starts as Radio-Drama Scriptwriter/Director/Voice Talent/Stageplayer at DXUM 819 kHz, Ponciano Reyes St., Davao City from 1997 until 2004.

1-Minuter Radio-Drama Scriptwriter/Director/Voice Talent (Love Clinic) at 90.7 Love Radio (DXBM) MBC Compound, R.Castillo St. Agdao, Davao City for a year.

Radio-Drama Scriptwriter/Director/Voice Talent/Stageplayer
And as anchor as Ronald Espere and as Jolanta
DXGO 855kHz MBC Compound, R. Castillo St. Agdao, Davao City from 2004 up to 2006.

Tabloid Novelist
January- May 2008
Periodiko Mindanaw
Tagum City

July 2007- June 22, 2008 105.1 YES FM
Disc Jockey/News Anchor As Roni Macaroni/Maning Pak-an
RICO S. DAYOC JR Station Manager
#5 ATU Plaza Commercial Building, Duterte St., Davao City

June 23, 2008 to November 2008
88.3 Energy FM
Disc Jockey/News Anchor as Ricky Mouse/Manay Monchang
NOEL AMOROSO, Station Manager
Room 501 State Investment Bldg.
C.M Recto St., Davao City

June 2010- March 2011
Studio Onnie Comedy Bar
Stand-up comedian/Singer
MTS, Matina
Davao City, Philippines

And at present, he is the ONE.. and the only ONE behind the taglines: "Kiyudto na show!", "Yawyaw!", "Kahibalo ka ba?(Rikipedia)", "Indeed! Indeeder! Indeedest!", "Pakyas!", etc. (hmm. I think his planning to plug a new tagline: "Tagay na show, ipatuyok ang baso!"

Around of applause to our

Disc Jockey/Anchor Riki Mouse of 101.1 M.O.R/DXAB, ABS-CBN Compound, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City.

DJ Riki Mouse & Errol Kris Soriano

Ayey! I've got a lot to tell about this guy. Sooner, I will share with you some of his personal but limited stuff (to respect his privacy of course). I know you are eager to know any information regarding his love life and worse nightmares in life. 

See you then. ^^

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ang Kaibigang TUNAY

Kaibigan tunay, tapat at wagas,
ang tulong ay laan sa lahat ng oras.

Marangal at ubod ng bait
Maaasahang nariyan sa bawat saglit

Sa pangangailangan, siya'y laging nakahanda
at ang kaibiga'y di pinapahiya.

Sa oras naglalaan 
upang ika'y mapagbigyan

  Ang katulad niya'y lubos
May pusong taos
Kaibigang aking hinahangad
Isang kayamanan aking inihahantulad.

A Dad's Letter to his Son

During my nephew's birthday, my brother made this letter and posted it on his son's Facebook's wall. Upon reading the epistle, I can't help myself but cry. I was touched.

Just try to read it, maybe your father felt the same for you as my brother did for his son.

Alaala Mo. Alay ko sa Birthday Mo
by Ptr. Jess Salvar on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 5:32am

Ambilis talaga ng panahon, di ba? Naaalala ko pa nga noon, parang ayaw ko nang lumayo sa'yong tabi, sa iyong pagtulog, 'andun ako yakap-yakap ka. Sa'yong paggising, sa paglalaro, pagkain at pati na sa pagligo, andon ako palagi sa tabi mo. Lumundag nga sa tuwa ang puso ko no'ng una kong marinig nang sambitin ng mga labi mo ang katagang "Papa! Papa!". Hindi ko maintindihan ang aking naramdaman. Para bang nakarinig ako ng isang mahiwagang boses na s'yang nagpagaan sa lahat ng bigat sa aking katawan. Gusto ko ngang ipagsigawan noon na marunong ka nang magsalita, kaso tayo lang dalawa noon ang magkasama (nasa work si mama). Mas lalo akong natuwa noong ikaw ay unang tumayong mag-isa at talagang ikinamangha ko pa noong inihakbang mo ang iyong mga paa. Lahat-lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay mo'y nasubaybayan ko na. Ang iyong paghihirap, sa tuwing ika'y magkakasakit, ay paghihirap ko rin noon. Kung pwede pa nga lang ako ang aako sa lahat ng iyong nararamdaman. Muntik ko na ngang saktan ang mga nars sa ospital noong ika'y unang tusukan ng karayom. At ako'y napapaiyak na lamang sa tuwing pinagmamasdan kitang himbing na himbing na natutulog habang tangan mo ang mga tubong nakakabit sa iyong maliit at napakalambot na kamay.

Alam mo, andami ko pang di malimutan noong tayo pang dalawa ang nagkasama, noon bang panahon na tayo lang talaga, wala nang iba. Dahil sa'yo nagkaroon ng halaga ang buhay ko. Ikaw kasi ang nagbigay sa akin ng lakas upang lumaban at harapin ang hamon ng buhay. Dahil sa'yo nagkaroon ako ng kumpyansa sa sarili. Ikaw ang lakas ng aking kahinaan. Sa lahat ng aking pagkakamali, ikaw ang tumutuwid at lumaban. Pati nga ang medalya na aking inaasam-asam, ikaw na rin ang kumuha. Pakiramdam ko'y para bang ang lahat ng nakakamit mong tagumpay  ay katagumpayan ko rin.

Pero alam mo, nak? Nababatid ko. Meron na 'atang mga pagbabago. "Time Changes" 'ika nga. Lumalaki ka na. At kasabay nun para bang unti-unti ka na ring lumalayo sa akin. Para bang ayaw mo na ring palaging nandiyan ako sa tabi mo. Iba na rin palagi ang ka-text mo (andami ngang mga girls sa school n'yo nagpapa "regards" sa 'yo). Pero alam mo, okay lang naintindihan ko naman. Nagbibinata ka na kasi. Pero alam mo, na mi-miss ko na 'yong halik mo bago ka pumasok sa school sabay sabi "Pa, aalis na ako". Na mi-miss ko na rin ang yakap mo sa tuwing ika'y bumabalik sa school at nagbabalita na malaki ang nakuha mong score sa exam. Pero okay lang kahit naninibago ako, naiintindihan pa rin kita. 
Malaki ka na. Pumayag man ako't sa hindi darating ang panahon na magkakaroon ka na nang sariling buhay at bubukod. Papayag man ako't sa hindi, iiwanan mo na rin akong mag-isa. Pero pati 'yon 'wag mong ikabahala, dumating man ang mga panahong iyon. Kasa-kasama pa rin kita. Ikaw at ang iyong mga alaala. Dahil kahit saan ka man mapunta. Anak, di mo maalis-alis kay tatay, "Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita".

Happy birthday, anak.... Pasensya na. Tanging itong sulat lang ang naihanda ko ha.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's more FUN in GENSAN!

I am trying to put myself in a situation, as if being with the group, (nag-iimagine kunbaga ^^) just to post this another big event that happen awhile ago at General Santos City the hometown of Pinoy pride boxer Manny Pacquiao (ahm...sori, lumipat na pala ng Saranggani Province si Pacman)

It was really a seldom event to happen to any group out there, going out and meeting with other groups, asides from its members.

Papaano ko nga ba simulan to? I don't have complete info regarding this travel, mabuti pa si Dora, maliban sa may kasamahan siyang unggoy, may mapa pa.

Okay then, assuming I travel with them from Davao City. It is approximately 3,571.69 kilometres from Davao to Gensan. Ilang oras kaya yan? Bahala na kayong magbilang. ^^.

And I know it took a lot of time and patience before they took the road trip. As far as I've known, andami nilang ginawang preparations before sila nagsi-alisan ng Dabaw. Sa dami pa naman ng hinihintay at naghihintay. And since not all members are originated from Davao City, they have no other choice but to wait. Pero 'pag ako nagwait, isa lang ginagawa ko... ang KUMAIN ng KUMAIN till they arrive.  
ooooppsss! di porke't may dalang backpack si DORA na.
"dugaya sa akong order na sekwate oy!"

And so their journey begins at night? Yeah! Exactly 8:00 o'clock in the evening, guys.. take note: they don't have their private vehicles to go there. Bus tripping, indeed! 

 And then, maybe they stop for awhile to buy some bibingka ni Ellilor sa Digos or maybe, nauuhaw bigla, kaya tagay muna mga p're, ang BASO!!!

Pagkahuman, sakay na pud balik sa bus... ang uban naghagok, ang uban estoryahanay.... unya nihagok napud ug apil... murag ana siguro ang nahitabo, te no?

Finally! they're at Dolores Tropicana Resort na! At long last!!!
Pinoy Henyo: pagkain ba 'to? karne? juicy??? crunchy? (naghunahuna pa sa litson^^)

Hindi kami TAO!
 HMMM. parang alam ko na kung anong kahahantungan nito...

Okay then, let's make it fast... i-fastforward beeeeehhh!!!! Buntag na daw.. ^^

Here they are... nababad na sa maalat na bisyo...
 Habang ang iba'y gising na gising na... sadyang may iba pa rin na tulog na tulog pa... ^^

Samtang ang uban, "hala sugdi.. para daw dako ug agi." haha

Okay guys.. whatever you are doing out there don't forget these reminders ha..
Ingat-ingat kayo, baka may bag na mawala...at mahulugan ng...... meteor?
Impake taym.. proceed to oder ebent...

Byahe muna tayo. Let's not forget to visit our MOR sister station in GENSAN. Ampingi jud ang BAG basin mabilin ha.

and take a pose with the DJs. 
and.. Abby? whew! I'm glad to see you here. (Abby (wearing color turquise shirt) is my close friend at MORGENSAN stickam. A friendly and witty and pretty—Abby.)

O, ayan na i post ko na. Halatang di ako naiinggit.. pero sana next time pasama naman kayo!!!!

 More pictures here:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

STICKAMERS' Christmas Party 2011

Though we are glad seeing each other thru webcams, the HAPPINESS are being double (hmmm... I guess the word double is not enough describing it), It should be tripled... yeah, TRIPLED! 

It Tripled-the-Fun, once you meet them PERSONALLY!

How it happens? I mean how our meeting happens...well, t'was the 6th day after I arrived
Davao City from Baguio City (my first destination upon arrival), when I take my vacation leave from the hard works in Brunei, last year. 

It was December 16, 2011 when I first met them, during the MOR Davao Stickamers' Christmas Party that was held at Builders Grill, Buhangin, Davao City.

Okay, guys. I want you to meet some of my closest friends from the group.

Meet Ellilor from Digos City. I am much more comfortable calling her, "Lilloooo" 
My huggable "Mareng Dava" Daniella Paula of Bunawan,, Davao City.
Faithfully and pretty face, Faithful Aireen
El Presidente, Ankol Geornathan
My loving MamaJOY and tatay TAMZOT
Silingang Wafa slash TagaBatobato, Darleen
sassy NAZZY!
together with Lilloo and bai Crystalmaiden
These are humans not class Aves,only their names are..Berdz & Pikoy   
Astig CHENG from Tagum City
Fire in the HOLE! Pratatatatatttt Firefox slash DJ Pakyas ^^
With the Master... DJ RIKIMOUSE 
(ah, guys... Master of what this MAN gali?)
JadeCute and the gangsters ^^
and the BABYFACE slash NIGHTINGALE of the group
The following night, I meet two members of Stickamers again at BARAKA GRILL and CATERING Baraka Girl/BabyRuth and Berdz. And I'm glad we do. Because that moment while exchanging topics during habhaban and ordering another ( cup ) plate of rice, we've known each other more. And personally I would say, that they are good to be with. And FUNNY! 

with sir Randy, proprietor of BARAKA GRILL
Sir Randy was my classmate in Sta. Ana Nat'l. High  School,
a brother and a friend. 
with BERDZ and Baraka Girl, after the habhab.
"Extra Rice pls"
There's a lot to tell about this group but a single post is not enough to describe the FUN. You should be there to feel the moment of togetherness. They are my friends in the world wide web and for REAL, they will be my friends, FOREVER.

How I really wish to be with the group again.  

May GOD  bless them forever, I pray.

More Christmas party pictures.

UnPlanned EB