Friday, April 13, 2012

Wanna Join with Us?

Hi there! How are you today? Hoping you're just fine.
If you are reading this, it means you know already the new skin of our blog. And here's something to cherish.

You may ask, "So, what's new in here?"
Okay, here is one of the few changes this blog featured. Notice our new Home page. I now added a photo slider on it. And it is all about us guys and it is just for us. It will be our gateway to all our Stickamer members. Though it will take me a lot of time to finish still I will promise to include everyone from the group on this slider.
P R O M I S E ! ^^.

What will you do to take part?
Simple. Since we are more than a hundred now. I cannot accommodate all in a speed or in a wink of an eye. Therefore, tag me: Dong Salvar on the Photo Link you leaved at Kung Unsay Mahunahunaan Fan Page or at our Davao Stickamer Group Page. Take note: Do accept or send a friend request for me and allow me to crawl on your photos for awhile. Once your photos are on privacy option I cannot see it. Make sense? I only need 2 photos anyway. ^^

What photos are acceptable?
I am much more grateful if your edited picture was done nicely and with an exact size of 930×300 pixels with 72 resolution. But if you don't have the ability on photo editing, don't worry I will offer extra time for that. Upon sending your photo link/s just include your Stickam Screen Name and your location. Photos with captions are not accepted.

New members?
Don't worry, you are counted to join here. As long as you are from Davao City and a MOR Davao Stickamer and have been mingling with the group on our fave station - MOR Davao 101.1 Achechee! Stickam live streaming. Just follow the guidelines above. 

What's with that Photoslides?
Wanna know your co-members? Just simply click their photo once it appear and it will lead you to their Facebook account. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be one of us now! Achechee!!!

You can leave questions or any suggestions at the comment box below. 

God bless us all!